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Updated November 2017

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News and Updates:


  • I have moved to Ohio and I am currently working on rebranding to nearly all costume work. I am making plans to expand the website where I can display my new work.

FAQ, what you need to know:

  • ‚ÄčIdea: When contacting me, have a solid idea what you are wanting. (A specific character? Images of what you have in mind? An OC sketch/artwork that you have permission to have made into a live cosplay? A store pattern you want made?)
  • Sizing: I will need you to take measurements (with a cloth sewing tape). For body measurements, it is best to have a friend take your measurements for you (instructions will be provided), or you will need to be able to take measurements from clothes you own.
  • Cost: Price is calculated on materials and complexity (the more complex (cuts and # of items), the more time it will take). 
  • Shipping: Shipping is at cost for the method of shipping you choose (USPS/UPS/FedEx, Ground/Express/etc.). These prices are set by the shipping company.
  • Contract: If I accept the work, you will receive a contract with the Outfit Images and colors agreed upon. The size information you gave me. Agreed upon pricing+Shipping. Once you accept the contract, no changes will be accepted. The contract will also include a finished by & shipping date.
  • Payment: Payment is expected in full at time of agreement. I accept payments via Paypal.